Monthly Archives: October 2017

Neve 3104 in Brent Averill Rack Modified for single rail PSU

When we obtained the Brent Averill racked Neve 3104 channel strip, we wanted to try a different way to power it.  As many you know, Brent Averill, now BAE has been making power supplies that are universal to their products for 30 years.  These supplies are usually +24v, with a 48v phantom rail.  I’m sure […]

Audix 35102 restored and integrated into oak lunchbox

The Audix 35102 we acquired last month has been completely gone through, calibrated with our APx 525, and integrated into a beautiful oak lunchbox with illumated power switch and xlr I/O.  This module features a heavily influenced Neve design and a pair of Mariniar T.1448 input transformers.  This thing sounds great, and is being offered […]

Exciting new project…

In the 1980’s and 90’s many vintage neve consoles were taken apart channel ny channel and the input, mic pre, eq, and compressor modules were racked individually by companies such as Brent Averill Enterprises.  Later, companies like developed racks where modules could simply be slid in, eliminating the need to permanently modify the modules with […]

Retro STA-Level Gold Edition hits the bench

This is going to be a great shootout.  A couple days ago, we obtained a 1950’s vintage Gates STA-level.  An AM radio staple at its introduction,  the STA-level continues to be used by engineers in studios all over the world.  In 2006, Phil Moore founded Retro Instruments and started producing very accurate replicas of these […]