Just Acquired – Audix 1B01 Pair

These Audix 1B01 modules will be heading to the Kroeger Music tech shop shortly!  We are really looking forward to working on modules that have a similar control layout to the Trident A range modules (pictured below as well for comparison).  You can really see the similarities between the two, physically at least.   It’s an interesting way to control an equalizer.  They use faders for frequency selection as opposed to cut and boost like the vintage API 560a we will soon have available. Stay tuned for more news on these rare ones!

Just Acquired – Audix 1B01 Pair DSC01565 300x400Just Acquired – Audix 1B01 Pair DSC01567 533x400

Compare The user interface between the 1B01 and a Trident A range channel strip!  Interesting stuff. 

Just Acquired – Audix 1B01 Pair trident a range eq

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