Retro STA-Level Gold Edition hits the bench

This is going to be a great shootout.  A couple days ago, we obtained a 1950’s vintage Gates STA-level.  An AM radio staple at its introduction,  the STA-level continues to be used by engineers in studios all over the world.  In 2006, Phil Moore founded Retro Instruments and started producing very accurate replicas of these vintage units.  Similar to what Pulse Technologies is doing today with the Pultecs.  In my opinion, their first stab at a recreation of the STA-level was the best.  The features one six position knob as opposed to the two you’ll find on units being sold today.   Fortunately, we have obtained a first production run Retro STA-level with less than 40 hours on it in absolute MINT condition.  We will have both these units side by side in the shop and will be sure to in-depth shootouts so please be sure to stay tuned for those!  Attached below are pictures of both units.  Yay!

(Please reference our post about the vintage Sta-level for its picture) 

Retro STA-Level Gold Edition hits the bench s l1600 800x228


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